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Chess table downloads

Chess pieces

We are open sourcing our build for anyone to enjoy

all we ask is you subscribe to our Youtube channel


Below is the parts list, slice them using your favourite software and you can 3D print them

There is the individual parts or a zip file with all parts (Don't forget to print two of the red titled ones)

and a list of other non-printable parts that can be purchased easily online

All 3D printed parts

All 3D printed Parts

Individual parts

1x BaseBottonPulley.stl
1x basetop_belt.stl
1x BeltTop.stl
1x BoardHolderLeft.stl
1x BoardHolderLeftNoInset.stl
2x BoardHolderRight.stl
2x bracket1.stl
1x BracketLeft.stl
1x BracketRight.stl
1x MagnetHolder.stl
1x MotorBase2.stl
1x MotorHolderLeft.stl
1x MotorHolderRight.stl
1x PulleyHolderLeft.stl
1x PulleyHolderRight.stl
1x SwitchContact.stl
1x SwitchHolder1.stl
1x SwitchHolder3.stl
3x Slotted DIN Rail (to fit your table size)
3x NEMA17 Stepper Motors
12x V grove bearings (4x13x6 mm)
2x limit switches
2x GT2 Timing Pulley (motor mounted)
2x GT2 Timing Pulley
various Nuts and Bolts
Sorry I don't have all the sizes for these yet
I will try to update this in the future


I am still working on instructions

For now I have made the Part assembly model below "ChessTable.stl" which is a compilation of all the parts showing how they are positioned

it is included in the "all parts" zip file

all .stl files can be viewed using "3D builder" included in Windows or your own 3D software


If we get enough encouragement and time I will add more to the build instructions

I will also add code and other parts of the build for things like moving the motors with a joystick using an arduino nano