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Chess pieces

Chess pieces

Modifying, 3D printing and hand painting custom chess pieces

We will use these pieces for our Chess table project

Chess table (Part 4)

Chess table (Part 4)

Custom chess pieces

run time: 2:45

Jul 2022

coming soon

Our first goal was to find some epic chess pieces for our chess table build, after many hours of crawling the internet we found some great ones.
We modify some of them to size them down to our table size.
We weren't a big fan of their pawn pieces so decided to use the rook design as our pawns and use the awesome rook we found previously on Thingiverse.
it is more castle like so the pieces are intuitive even for someone that has not seen them before.

Big shout out and many thanks to the users that up-loaded these 3D models.

Next came the massive task of printing them all
my home made 3D printer got pushed hard and did a perfect job of the monumental work ahead of it (120+ hours of printing)

We then hand painted them, which was a therapeutic and relaxing process but took forever.

Then discovered the license for the models we used did not allow us to display them in a YouTube video (Personal use only)

We are now designing our own chess pieces, using parts of free models and remixing and designing parts ourselves
we will create some new videos showing that process when we are done

Rook Thingiverse