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Hi, we are Scotty and Becky
Built Clever creators

We are currently building this web site stay tuned for updates!!!

Built clever is our web site we use to keep track of our clever creations.

We want to share the fun we have making them and our progress as we go.

It takes quite a while to design and post all this type of content, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel to help out.

If you are interested in design files, source code, 3D prints, etc comment in our videos as we are considering open sourcing parts or all of this project if there is enough interest.

last updated: 16 February 2023.

Current Projects

Chess Table

Chess table

If only you could play computer chess with all its cool functionality on a chess board in the real world with real chess pieces.

Chess Pieces

Chess pieces

Modifying, 3D printing and hand painting custom chess pieces, We will use these pieces for our Chess table project

Chess Program

Chess program

Here I program a chess game that we will use for the brains of our chess table



Showing off our results, how parts work rather than the build videos

All Videos

I beat Stockfish in a game of chess

I beat Stockfish in a game of chess

Playing chess against Stockfish

run time: 15:47

Jan 2023

Chess table (Part 5) video

Chess table (Part 5)

Playing on the board

run time: 28:54

Dec 2022

Demonstrating our Chess Program

Chess Program

Our chess program

run time: 13:41

August 2022

Chess Programming video


Programming a chess game

run time: 1:01:56

July 2022

Chess table (Part 4) video

Chess table (Part 4)

Custom chess pieces

run time: 2:45

July 2022

Chess table (Part 3) video

Chess table (Part 3)

Detecting moves

run time: 17:46

May 2022

Chess table (Part 2) video

Chess table (Part 2)

Making it light up

run time: 20:12

April 2022

Chess table (Part 1) video

Chess table (Part 1)

Making it move

run time: 24:26

March 2022

coming soon