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Chess table

Chess table

If only you could play computer chess with all its cool functionality on a chess board in the real world with real chess pieces.

We are making our chess table light up to show moves, and use motors to move the pieces for the computer AI.

We are currently working on this and will post in multiple parts as we progress.

Chess table (Part 1)

Chess table (Part 1)

Making it move

run time: 24:26

March 2022

Chess table (Part 2) video

Chess table (Part 2)

Making it light up

run time: 20:12

April 2022

Chess table (Part 3) video

Chess table (Part 3)

Detecting moves

run time: 17:46

May 2022

Chess table (Part 4) video

Chess table (Part 4)

Chess Pieces

run time: 2:45

July 2022

Demonstrating our Chess Program

Chess Program

Our chess program

run time: 13:41

Aug 2022

Chess table (Part 5) video

Chess table (Part 5)

Playing on the board

run time: 28:54

Dec 2022

coming soon

In this project we build a light up motorized chess table that links to the computer.

our goals are

We have completely coded our own chess game, to allow playing chess on the computer against the open source Stockfish chess engine.
We have also started adding code to it that allows us to control our BuiltClever chess table we are building.

For a full overview see the videos on our chess program project

Stockfish is a free and open-source chess engine

Stockfish is consistently ranked first or near the top of most chess-engine rating lists and is the strongest CPU chess engine in the world.

website: stockfishchess.org

Visual Studio: Coding the chess program

Arduino: Control the stepper motors, light up the chess squares, and read chess moves

Bluetooth: Communicate between the computer and chess table

3D Printing: Parts to hook up motors and movement to the chess table, the Chess squares to allow the lighting we want, chess pieces