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Chess program

Chess program

Tutorial on making a chess program

we will use for the brains of our chess table

Chess Programming video


Programming a chess game

run time: 1:01:56

July 2022

Demonstrating our Chess Program

Chess Program

Our chess program

run time: 13:41

August 2022

coming soon

Chess Programming video
In this video I teach the computer the rules of chess by making a chess game.
It is programming based but mainly its the concept of teaching a computer to understand the rules of chess.

I did the programming in Microsoft Visual Studio with visual basic, but the concept can be applied to any programming language.

I will open source the code in C# (as I know more people use it than VB) I will add a link here when I have done that
Subscribe and add a comment to the video to encourage me to finish and tidy up the code to do this sooner

I am making this program connect to our chess table build via bluetooth and it will control the chess playing part of our table
as well as the LED lights for showing valid moves, etc
and the AI for the computer playing side so you can play on our chess table against the computer

Demonstrating our Chess Program
In this video we show off how our chess program is now working.
We will be using this program to run our BuiltClever chess table show in our other videos.

Coming soon
I will be updating the chess game program further,
but this video shows it in a simpler form which is better for understanding how a chess game works without a lot of extra code polluting the learning experience.
The next part will include hooking up the Stockfish chess engine to allow playing against the computer